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The Workload Management App for Law Firms

PushCap - with only 5 seconds of input from every lawyer a day - makes the workload transparent and helps steering work towards those with the most capacity.

Basic Features

Make your workload transparent and find capacities.

Color-Coded Availability

The app uses a simple color-scheme to display daily and weekly availability and optional notes. It relies on all employees updating their status daily.


Notes can optionally be attached to communicate details beyond availability

Managing Absence

Employees can activate an "absence mode" that positions them at the bottom of the list and displays their status accordingly

PushCap application mockup
Push Notifications

Users are notified on all important and upcoming events, including reminders to enter and update their availability.

Panic Button

For urgent support, users can switch on the "panic mode" that highlights their entry and positions them at the top of the list.

Multi-Platform Support

The app is built to for Web, Android and iOS

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What is your availability?

Users can edit their weekly availability and share it with their colleagues. The app uses a simple color-scheme that allows for higher degree of visibility, as well as facilitates the search for colleagues with more capacity on a given day.

The so-called "panic mode" can be switched on by employees who feel overwhelmed by their workload and are in urgent need of support from their colleagues. The app then highlights their entry and places the user at the top of the list.

Notes can be attached to communicate details beyond availability. This can include messages like e.g. "In a meeting from 2-4 p.m", or "On vacation until the 23rd of June". Additionally users can choose to turn on the "absent mode", or also use the color-coded framework to be displayed as "on vacation".

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Premium Features

Manage Tasks, Skillsets & Feedback.


Find the right person for the job by skill and availability. Manage the skills of your employees.


Assign tasks to your colleagues based on skillset and availability and have on-the-go access to the current status.


Easily provide and request feedback for a certain task with a single tap.

PushCap application mockup
Intelligent Analytics

Understand your firm’s daily availability and derive insights from historical trends.


Filter the list by team, department and location to have direct access to the right people.

Optional Self-Hosting

You can choose to host the software on your own server to always have everything in one place.

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App Prices

  • All of the basic features
  • Data storage on our servers in Germany
  • Logo & color customization
  • 1 admin account

1.500 one-time*

+ 4€ per user / month
  • All of the basic features
  • Admin dashboard with analytics
  • Up to 3 admins
  • Filters by department & office location
  • Data storage on our servers in Germany
  • Complete setup of the user accounts

3.000 one-time*

+ 4€ per user / month
  • All of the basic features
  • All of the premium features
  • Unlimited admins
  • Optional: Full control over the data content with storage on your own server**

4.500 one-time*

+ 6€ per user / month
* Please note: If you wish to use the app on iPhones, you will need to set up an enterprise developer account with Apple at $299 per year.
** If you decide to self-host the application, the one-time fee will amount to 6.000€, while the monthly fee per user goes down to 4€/user/month.


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